My hair is a problem. 

     I’ve struggled with my hair for as long as I can remember. I have naturally curly, very frizzy, dry hair and as a child and young teen, I hated it. I remember thinking “why can’t I have straight silky hair” and “why do I have to look like a poodle” and “why does my hair have to be so hard to control”. I started straightening my hair at the age of 12, and granted, looking back now, it still looked terrible because it was puffy and my haircut didn’t suit me, but it was better. Fast forward six years later and yes, I do still straighten my hair quite often (it’s just easier to deal with) but I also do wear it curly with less angst. While I’ve begun to embrace my curls, there’s just one thing I still can’t get on board with. The frizz.
     I hate hate hate it. I’ve got about two million baby hairs, they all have minds of their own and they don’t like to play by the rules. I’ve tried so hard to calm them. I’ve used so many different products (the amount of Moroccan oil I’ve used is ridiculous) and I was beginning to think I was never going to conquer the frizz. Then I began to hear a boat-load of beauty people talking about the Davines hair products and my interest was peaked. Big names were raving about the hair line, saying that they wouldn’t go a day without using it because it made their hair so much softer, easier to manage and less frizzy
     There were alarm bells going off in my head when I heard that sentence. I immediately jumped onto google to do a bit of research into the brand and was extremely impressed by what I saw. Their products were not only getting good reviews by big names, they were getting good reviews by everyone! I was beyond excited to see such good feedback about the products that I ordered one that day. While it was difficult to chose between all their different products, I landed on the All In One Milk because it sounded like it was best suited for my needs. 
     I’ve been trying out the product for the last month and I really so have to say, I’m ecstatic with the results. I can see a real difference in the quality of my hair, as well as the amount of frizz the product has reduced. I love the smell of the product, it’s not to overpowering but there is still a nice scent and seeing as a little goes a long way, it’s been lasting me rather well. I’m very excited to try out some other products from the Davines brand, here’s hoping I’ll finally be able to conquer my hair! 



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