September means autumn fashion, no matter the temperature. 

     I am overly excited for autumn and I am okay with that. Autumn is my absolute favorite season, I adore the changing leaves and dropping temperature. A little bump in that road of love is that I just moved to the southern part of the US, where it really doesn’t get that cold. Eventually, we’ll get some sort of “winter”, but I have the horrible feeling that I’m going to be missing out of the leaf-losing, hot coco in the morning, crackling fire in the evening time of year. I’m gutted.


      However, seeing as I am a fashion lover, I will suffer the heat and wear whatever I please, and that means autumnal clothing in our not-really-autumn autumn. I am a religious wearer of black jeans, 90% of the time, unless the event calls for something dressy or I seriously might suffer heat-stroke, I will be wearing black jeans. They’re my year around staple (except in August because that’s just suicide) because there are very few times where you can’t wear black jeans. They look nicer than regular blue denim but can still easily be dressed down to look super casual. They can go will heels, sneakers, and even flip flops. Who doesn’t like a versatile piece in their wardrobe? My jeans are the Joni jeans from Topshop and they’re without a doubt my favorites! I have a few other pairs but these definitely take the cake. 

     Jean jackets have a very special place in my heart. I feel that as a very late 90’s baby, I missed out on the fantastic 90’s fashion, especially the oversized jean jackets. I’m a very small person so a lot of jackets are oversized on me but this one (from Asos) is very exaggerated. It’s meant to be oversized and then in addition to my small stature, it looks extra big. I find that jean jackets are great for everyday wear because they are great additions to almost any outfit. Plus, for those who will get to experience a colder climate than I will, they’re great for staying warm in the chillier months. 

     Probably one of the most common things I wear (besides black jeans) are stripped shirts. They’re one of the most common themes in my wardrobe because they’re great to just throw on and it looks super cute and effortless. This stripped top in particular is from Zara. It’s super lightweight and has a vey wide neckline which allows me to wear it off one shoulder even though it’s not specifically designed for that. The sleeves are sewn rolled up but my only qualm with that is they’re not sewn all the way around so they roll down in all places except for where it’s sewn. It’s a bit annoying really but it’s not a huge deal. 

     As of the last couple years, I’ve really fallen in love with bralettes. They’re just so much more comfortable than regular bras, plus they’re prettier. They can add a little something to the most casual outfits, without having to try to hard. There are so many different brands that sell bralettes but my favorite is by far Aerie, the underwear and lounge clothing brand for American Eagle. I recommend checking them out if you haven’t because they’re truly such great value for money! 



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