We’re officially three quarters of the way through the year…

     That boggles my mind. This year has just whizzed by, I really don’t know where it’s gone. It seems like only yesterday I was ringing in the new year, and yet here we are. I’m making a lot of personal changes this September and I wanted to just take a minutes to stop, breathe, remember and then look to the future.

     My reflections:

1. I had a wonderful summer, full of fun times and new experiences.

2. I made new friends as solidifying my most important friendships. 

3. I got to see a small portion of Europe and it was the most eye-opening and culturally educational experience of my life.

My accomplishments:

1. I fought my way out of my shell as the year went on. I got more comfortable around new people and began to let others in my inner thoughts.

2. I started to conquer personal anxieties in regards to driving on the highway and doing activities on my own.

3. I pushed my boundaries and partook in situations that I would have normally steered clear of but actually wanted to participate in.   

My hopes:

1. As I’m starting college in a few weeks, I’m hoping I’ll really like the new environment as well as the new people and different classes. 

2. I want to try and expand my interests and hobbies. I’ve been wanting to take up dance again, start going to yoga and get into some new foods. 

3. As I’m going to art school, I really hoping that I’ll be able to improve my photography. It’s something I know that I need to dedicate more time and effort to, and I’m really going to try and do so. 

What are you looking forward to in September, or the rest of 2017?



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