And thus begins the obsession…

     What obsession you may ask? The handbag obsession. Whilst in London, my mother and I ventured to Harrods (oh my flipping god) and that was a beautiful, breath-taking, and a completely unique experience. Seriously if you’ve never been to Harrods, if you’re ever in London, make the trip. It’s worth it. Now Harrods carries pretty much every high end brand, including Ted Baker, which I’ve completely lusted for years now. We found the Ted Baker section and I fell in love with pretty much everything but couldn’t justify spending money necessary on a new bag that I didn’t need. I was a tiny bit crushed but I sucked it up because hey, I was in London (a trip that for me, was worth more than anything). We finally parted from Harrods and began walking up the street when I spotted a godly light shining down on a certain store window. A Ted Baker store window… with a gigantic sale sign.  

   I moved faster in the slips second then I think I’ve honestly ever moved.  Fast forward about twenty minutes of ooh-ing and and aww-ing, I found the bag I had to have. It had literally everything I wanted, and the real deal-sealer, it was 50% off. I nearly dropped the bag when I saw the sale tag. I payed $70 for this bag. Only $70!! I’m still a little bit baffled and it’s been months. Seriously, it was such good value for money and I’ve been using this bag constantly ever since. While it’s not the biggest bag, and I’m used to carrying pretty massive bags, I’m able to fit everything I need in it. It’s got beautiful rose-gold hardware as well as a short handle and an attachable long strap. I’m a sucker for anything black and white but when you throw in baby pink, I’m as good as sold. 

     Basically, if you can’t tell, I love this bag. A lot. I’m so happy that I decided to pick it up and it’ll always be my little piece of England that I carry around with me. What’s your favorite bag designer?



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