Roses are red, violets are blue… I like pink lipstick, what about you?

     Well summer has passed a lot quicker than I was expecting. Granted, it’s not completely over and where I’m going to school, it’s pretty warm until about late November, which is when I come home for break. I’m a huge lover of autumn but we’ve been having such lovely days lately, not too hot which is surprising for August, and it’s actually allowed me to enjoy summer. 

     During the summer, no matter what the temperature, I tend to wear minimal makeup because I want to give my skin a bit of a breather and often, I just can’t really be bothered. Usually when this happens, I’ll still wack on a bit of concealer under my eyes (covering up those lovely bags), add some powder to battle against oil, do my eyebrows up a bit, and finish off with one too many coats of mascara. Sometimes this amount of makeup is fine, I enjoy having the fresher face and to be honest, in my day to day life, I could probably get away with no makeup, but their are times when a little bit more effort is necessary. When those situations come around, I honestly just add some lipstick to the same makeup routine for some reason, it looks like I put so much more effort into my appearance. Strange…

     I’m not the most adventurous when it comes to lip colors. I tend to stick to the same sorts of colors (I’m working on branching out) and those colors are usually variations of pink. I will wear reds sometimes, but that’s a pretty rare event. Over the past three months, I’ve basically only used three lipsticks, and guess what, they’re all pink. They’ve served me well so I thought I share them with all of you. The first lipstick is my trusty Charlotte Tilbury “Bitch Perfect“. I am a strong believer that every beauty lover should have this lipstick. Whenever someone asks me for a recommendation for a lipstick, it’s always this one that rolls off my tongue. It’s truly just the perfect pinky-nude and it works so well on pretty much every skin tone. Plus, gold star for the packaging Ms. Tilbury. This lipstick is definitely a higher end-higher price lipstick, but honestly, it’s worth it.  The second lipstick is actually a liquid lipstick it’s on the lower end of the financial spectrum but that has absolutely no correlation to it’s quality. Sleek’s Matte Me lip cream in “Birthday Suit” is genuinely one of my favorite liquid lipsticks. I picked it up while I was in London (it’s hard to get Sleek products in the US) and I’m so happy I did. I’m going to be devastated when I run out because I don’t know how I’ll get a hold of another one… It’s got such a smooth texture and when it drys, it really is matte but it’s not drying at all. The shade is a bit more dusty of a pink, which I find works really nicely with minimal makeup because it makes the lips pop. The third lipstick is MAC’s “Mehr“. I actually bought this by accident, but as time has shown, it was a good accident. Out of the three, this is the one I’ve probably used the most sparingly because it is a bit darker than the the others. It’s a kind of dirty pink with blue undertones which makes it look a lot cooler than the other two lipsticks. MAC lipsticks fall in the middle range of the financial catagory so they’re not super pricy but if you’re on a super tight budget, there are many alternatives.  

Top to Bottom- Birthday Suit, Bitch Perfect, Mehr

     One of the things I hoping to do in 2018 is to get a little more into and a little more adventurous with lipstick. Maybe then I’ll finally be able to venture out of the world of pink’s without too much thought! What are some of your favorite pink lipsticks? 



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