Seriously, what can’t Rihanna do?

     The world heard that Rihanna was creating a beauty range and I’m pretty sure every beauty lover was almost ready to hand over their entire bank account. I heard pretty much nothing but great things about the brand as well as the product, from everyone. That kind of universal love for an entire launch is pretty impressive, especially since this was just the first line for Fenty Beauty. Much like many others, I was extremely excited for the launch, and couldn’t wait to see how the products faired. 

     Now while I did take an extensive look at all the products in the launch, I decided on just one to purchase. This decision (mostly made because I’m a broke college student) was a very good decision in my opinion because if the rest of the products are as good as the one I picked up, Fenty Beauty has a very bright future in the beauty industry. I purchased the Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation, in the shade 150. This was the product I was most excited to try for numerous reasons. First off, the fact that 40 different shades of foundation were released means there was a much greater chance of finding a foundation that was even closer suited to my skin tone than usual, and secondly, the rumor that the foundation coverage could go from light to full coverage in just one additional coat  was exactly something I wanted. 
     Probably one of my favorite things about makeup is all the different types of packing there are. Packaging design is a field that I find is interesting because it combines aesthetic design with user ability. I’ve always been a fan of the more simplistic packaging designs like NARS and Hourglass, because I think that minimalistic-ness stands out among the crowd of bright colors and gimmicky designs.  The Fenty Beauty line has very simplistic, clean and white packaging. I love the packaging, and I think it was exactly the right decision for Fenty beauty to make because it can appeal to the largest amount of sellers. 
     In the lead up to the launch of Fenty beauty, one of the big hook lines being floated around was that there were forty shades of foundation to be released. That’s a hell a lot of different shades. The beauty community was so excited for this because very few brands offer that comprehensive of a range of shades when it comes to foundation. I picked up the shade 150, which is for light skin with neutral undertones, and it perfectly matches my winter skin tone. I have no doubt that come summer, I’ll be back in Sephora picking up a new shade to match my (hopefully) slightly tanner complexion. 
     Consistency is without a doubt my biggest selling point when it comes to foundation. Sometimes I want light coverage, sometimes medium, sometimes full, but I never want whatever coverage my foundation gives me to be heavy and cakey. When I first tried out the Fenty foundation, I was surprised to find how runny it was. This made me a little wary of  how it was going to sit on my skin, as well as if it was going to be able to build coverage at all. I worried for absolutely nothing because the foundation applied smoothly to my skin providing what I would classify as somewhere between a light to medium coverage with just one coat. I was so happy to see that the foundation didn’t cake with the addition of a second coat, and continued to give me a glowingly healthy but matte appearance. 
     The final box to tick with this foundation was to see just how long it would last. I usually get ready at around 8am and don’t take off my makeup until I’m heading for bed around 11pm. Thats fourteen hours in which the foundation has every opportunity to leave my face in some form or fashion. Now, I don’t know if the foundation is in a really committed relationship to my face or something, but in those fourteen hours, it doesn’t go anywhere. I get a little loss around my nose but I’m also attributing that to the fact that it’s winter and I’ve been blowing my nose ever ten seconds because the cold makes it run. 

     Overall, I think this foundation was genuinely one of my best purchases of 2017, and I’ve only had it for a month. I use it pretty much every day, and it hasn’t let me down once. I definitely recommend this foundation to anyone who hasn’t tried it. Priced at $34, it’s not the cheapest foundation in the world, and if you’re on a budget I totally understand (I’m supposed to be too…) but if you can swing one luxury purchase, I truly recommend this one. 

Have you tried any of the Fenty Beauty products?


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