Fly me to the moon…

     Flying is one of my favorite activities because it usually means there is an adventure on the other side. Whether the fight be long haul or just a few hours, one of the most important things in my mind is to be comfortable. For most of my life, I wore the same basic things on pretty much all flights: a t-shirt, sweatshirt, leggings and sneakers. In my opinion, this is still a perfectly fine way to dress on planes, but as of recently, I’ve been a little more into dressing up for a flight. Recently, I was flying home from school and I decided to take this opportunity to dress up a little more than usual. Now I’m not talking about a ball gown and pearls, but just something a little nicer looking. For this particular flight, I had to take into account the change of weather from where I go to school to back home. Basically it’s freezing back home, so layers were necessary. 

     I actually built my whole outfit around my pants because if there’s one thing I can’t do when it it comes to flying, it’s fly in uncomfortable pants. The day I fly in skinny jeans is the day hell freezes over. My pants are black, very loose fitting trousers, that have a tie around the waist. These pants were actually a forced purchase because my school was holding an event in which I had to have black pants and no jeans were allowed. Seeing as my go to wardrobe staple is my ludicrous amount of black jeans, this presented a bit of a challenge for me. I ran out to H&M last minute, and scoured the store for a pair of black trousers that looked semi-decent. After about an hour, I spotted this pair of pants hiding behind a rack of sweaters. It was the only one left and it was in my size. I actually believe that the planets must have aligned in that moment. I’ve found these pants to be perfect for flying because they’re very loose and made of a soft linen.

       From there, everything else just kind of fell into place. Layers my biggest tip when dressing for a flight because some planes are freezing, others are hotter than the sun. I paired a loose black v-neck and a grey loose wool sweater tucked into my pants. The v-neck added comfort while the sweater added warmth (my plane was very chilly). On top of that, I wore my oversized jean jacket which was great because it added another layer for warmth but wasn’t super tight fitting. To finish off my outfit, I wore my black low heel ankle boots. These are probably my most worn winter shoe because they go with pretty much everything and are super easy to dress up and down. 

What do you like to wear on the airplane? 




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