I have never worn a watch…

     I really couldn’t tell you why, but it just wasn’t something I ever thought of. I’ve always kind of associated a watch with an adult. As a child, I assumed someone who wore a watch must have their lives together. As I got older, I didn’t see the point in a watch because we all have clocks on our phone. But finally as an adult (kinda) I’m more interest in wearing not just a watch, but a nice watch. I  had seen the Olivia Burton watches floating around the blogging world over the past couple years and I fell in love. The watches are absolutely gorgeous. They have very classic styles while still having unique details. 

      I have the midi size of the dial, which his the smaller of the two options. I picked this size because while I adore oversized dials of watches, I have such small wrists that the big dial just looks silly. The hardware on the watch is all rose gold, with a grey leather strap. I think this watch is perfect for a “first watch” because it’s really classic looking and quite simple, but it’s still eye-catching. It can go with pretty much every outfit because of its’ muted colors and design.

     I’m quite excited to have this beautiful watch and to be starting off my collection. There are so many gorgeous watches out there, I can’t wait to start expanding my collection.

What’s your favorite brand of watches? 


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