Limited Edition products make my world go ’round…

     The holidays are a wonderful time for a myriad of reasons, but in the beauty community, we are graced with the sacred tradition of limited edition products and collections. The majority of brands will create a limited edition holiday collection because it boosts sales as well as bringing more traffic into the company, because let’s be real, everyone is a sucker for something you can only get for a limited time. While I am fully aware that this is basically a foolproof marketing trick to persuade consumers to spend more money during the holiday sales, I still complete buy into it because hey, it’s fun! 

     One of my favorite brands that produces limited edition holiday collections is Too Faced. They’re always so perfectly gimmicky but never tacky, which is quite a difficult balance to achieve. In the past, I’ve purchased some of their holiday collections and have always been pretty please with the product outcomes. This set was no different, but like everything in life, there were some pros and cons. 

     The collection consists of four mini liquid lipsticks from various Too Faced Melted collections. Two of the of the lipsticks were absolute hits for me but the other two did have a few issues. 

Melted Matte “Drop Dead Red“: This lipstick was the actual reason why I decided to purchase this set. I’ve been after a really deep red while a while now and I had swatched this shade a few times but couldn’t seem to convince myself to pay for the full size product. When I saw that the set had this shade in it, it persuaded me to buy it because I liked and could see myself easily wearing the other shades. I absolutely love the color of this product and the applicator of this product, but it does have a weakness when it comes to longevity. Unfortunately, this product can not survive a meal, which I find kind of hilarious because it’s so difficult to remove with makeup remover. I’m talking like three minutes of solid removal because it just doesn’t move, unless it comes in contact with food, that is… I’ve found that eating with this product make it bleed and move outside of the lip line, and that is not a great look unless you’re audition to play The Joker. 

Melted “Chihuahua“: Chihuahua was the original Too faced lipstick that I was after. I’ve probably been looking at and swatching this particular lipstick for over a year and have always really liked but could never justify purchasing another pinky-nude lipstick. I have too many. It’s a problem. But not necessarily a bad problem on my opinion… Anywho, I was very excited to see the shade as a part of the set because I finally felt I had the necessary validation to make the purchase. I have absolutely no qualms with this lipstick, it’s pretty much perfect in every way. The formula applies easily and smoothly, it’s not chalky even though it dries semi-matte and the color lasts for the majority of the day. All metaphorical boxes are ticked!

Melted Latex “Hopeless Romantic“: Now I want to preface this review by stating that lipgloss and I are not friends. I don’t like lipgloss, it doesn’t like me, it’s a mutually agreed upon disdain. This particular product is a lipgloss (unfortunately) and it’s not horrible but after hearing about my relationship with the product type, you can probably guess that I’m not this lipsticks’ biggest fan. It’s just so sticky. Like bubblegum on the bottom of your shoe sticky. Eh. The color is lovely and I think that if it was any other type of formulation, I’d adore this lipstick but since it’s not, it will most likely be staying in my makeup draw or bing given to a lipgloss tolerant friend. 

Melted Chocolate “Chocolate Honey“: The final product in the collection is one from the Chocolate collection. This is the other lipstick that I have absolutely no issues with. The color is a beautiful warm brown, it applies well and it lasts just as well as Chihuahua. I’ve found this lipstick to be a favorite during the winter months because even though it does have a matte finish, it isn’t drying at all. Two thumbs up! 

Top to Bottom: Hopeless Romantic, Chocolate Honey, Chihuahua, Drop Dead Red

     Overall, while some of the lipsticks do have a few problems, I’m sure that I will get use of three out of the four (bye bye lipgloss).  I do think that if you’re looking to try out some Too Faced lipsticks, this collection is a great way to do it. The shade variety is fabulous and there’s a consistency for everyone. The set goes for $25, which equates a little over $6 per lipstick. I personally think that  the pricing is a pretty good deal, seeing as some lipsticks that are the same size and lesser quality go for a higher price. I can very easily see myself repurchasing the full Chihuahua and Chocolate Honey after I use these minis up.

What are some of your favorite holiday limited edition products? 



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