Bellbottoms by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosions is an absolutely iconic song that is ever so fitting today. As a child, I was a shorts and dresses kind of girl. I had a few pair of jeans but they were so much more restrictive when it came to the free-movement type of play that I loved oh so much. Come late elementary and middle school years, I had completely removed jeans from my wardrobe. I was a very thin preteen, and I could never find a pair of jeans that fit my tiny legs. Come 2013, skinny jeans became the hot new thing. This was revolutionary for me because I could finally buy jeans that fit! I swear I put my fairy pair of skinny jeans on one day and my whole life changed. I wore skinny jeans consistently for the next four years, but then, the wind changed. Trends come and go, and the fat that skinny jeans last so long was fabulous, but as of 2016, skinny jeans were out and baggier jeans were in. 

The jean industry was revolutionized again with trend of mom/boyfreind jeans. These types of jeans were a throwback to past decades (specifically the 90’s) because they were looser fitting. They also often had the high waisted waist line which was a favorite in the 70’s. As 2017 progressed, we saw the fashion world move away from tight fitting pants, and migrate towards looser fitting pants like bell bottoms, culottes, palazzos, cigarette trousers and wide legs. As someone who was inherently traumatized by loose fitting pants, this new wave of trends absolutely terrified me. Of course, a rational person would say that it doesn’t matter what trends are and you should just wear what you’re comfortable in, but as someone who really enjoys trend-hopping, it made me sad to see one that would push me so far out of my comfort zone. I had a little meeting with my inner-self, and I came to the conclusion that I would try some of the looser fitting styles, just to try and get out of my comfort zone a bit. If they looked horrible, then that was that and I could happily go back to my skinny jeans. Some styles looked horrendous on me, but others were actually feasible. I was overjoyed to have found pants that were different than my normal style, and while they did (and sometimes still do) push me out of my comfort zone, if anything, they’ve made me feel more confidant in myself and whatever I decide to wear.

The Outfit:

This outfit may be one of my favorite outfits ever. The confidence and joy I feel when I wear this outfit is one of the most wonderful and satisfying feelings ever. The color palette of the outfit is compels synonymous with that my usual wardrobe, but the pieces themselves are where I got to try new things. The jacket is a suede aviator jacket from Zara (that is unfortunately unavailable) with a faux shelling lining. When the aviator jacket trend was bouncing around, I fell in love with the style. Being such a petite person though, it as hard to find a style that didn’t just completely overpower me. When I found this jacket, I knew I had to have it because not only is it more form fitting than most aviators jackets, it’s also cropped which is much more flattering on my figure.

My sweater, which is from H&M, probably ranks as one of my best buys this January. It’s also cropped, with a mock neck, but the best part of the sweater is that the sleeve haves a sort of flare to the. I’m really digging the flare style right now (which is also apparent in my jeans) and I think I’ll probably be adding a few more pieces to my wardrobe. My jeans are the result off my first foray into Free People. I immediately saw the jeans and fell in love with them. They definitely qualify as a pair of pants that were out of my comfort zone, but I’ve come to adore.

The two final pieces of my outfit are my hat, from Urban Outfitters, and my boots, from Steve Madden. Both pieces are become well loved and worn in my wardrobe, and have proved to be the perfect additions for the winter season.

How do you feel about the new pants trends?


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