Bienvenue is French for welcome…

Welcoming is my mindset for the kick off of 2018. 2017 was quite a year for everyone, myself included. There was a lot of good, but there was also a lot of bad. Wonderfully high peaks and devastatingly low valleys. The rollercoaster that is life was inarguably a wild ride this past year, and now that the ride is over, I think it’s always good to take a little time to look back on it.

Everyone lived their year differently, but there a some unifying factors and events that we all share. Some were tragedies such as mass shootings, natural disasters, and devastating losses. Others brought joy, such as the solar eclipse, the new Royal Engagement (Meghan is divorced, American, and biracial, a trifecta is historically unheard of in the Royal Family) and the worldwide womens march.

As the world enters 2018, we are deluged with hundreds of posts on social media in regards to people’s New Years resolutions. Some people make one, some people make twenty, some don’t make any at all. I have made two, and they are two that manage to encompass most aspects of my life.

My first resolution has to deal with my work, creatively speaking. The majority of what I do is based around creating creative content. I do it for school, as a writing major who is hoping to enter into the world of digital medial and communications, and I do it at home, as hobby (my lovely blog). I’d say 70% of my time is spent working, either for school or for myself, and in all that time, I’ve noticed one of my key flaws. I am not consistent. I am not consistent in the work I create, nor in the time frame I create it. This blog has been a prime example. I adore blogging, and if you look at my history, I go from blogging frequently (multiple times a week) for two or so months, to radio silence for six months. I am aware of this problem, and I have made it my mission, in 2018, to become a consistent content creator. I know that it will be difficult, but I also know that if I manage it, I will reap the rewards.

My second resolution deals with the other 30% of my time, which I’ve decided to categorize as “personal”. I have a tendency to hold on a little to tightly to things long gone, I have a fear of letting go. This flaw pokes it’s ugly head up at odd times, it’s very inconsistent (imagine that). I am by no means an angry person. I have a temper, but it takes just about a divine act to get me angry enough for it to come out. I don’t hold grudges, I’ve never seen the point, but I also never forget. The things I can’t seem to let go of are memories. I hold onto memories so tightly, my knuckles go white and my fists get sore. This refusal to let go of memories then makes me hold onto people. People who have stepped out of my life, some way or another. I hold on for dear life because letting go of someone, means letting go of the memories and then that means the person is truly, and completely gone. That terrifies me to my core. The thing is, holding on to people, especially those long gone, isn’t healthy, and it isn’t fun. So in 2018, I will be asking myself to try and learn how to let go.

2017 was a trying year, and while I personally have little regrets from it, I am happy to see it finished. It is time to start a new. So welcome twenty-eighteen. We open our doors, our minds and our hearts to you. While we cannot ask for all good time and no bad, let us wish for just as many (or more) good times and maybe, hopefully, a few less bad.


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