I made a subconscious goal in 2017 and I achieved it. 

When I started blogging, I was fully introduced to the beauty community. I was pretty young fifteen or so— when I started blogging, and I hadn’t really started getting into makeup yet. The blogging world jumpstarted my love for the beauty industry, but I think I went a bit overboard. The majority of the money I made from my part time job went to buying makeup, whether I needed it or not. I began to get obsessed, and I began to over buy. Now I’m not saying that the only reason to buy something is because it is a necessity, by all means buying for pleasure is part of that makes shopping fun and therapeutic, but I think I went to an extreme when it came to buying for fun. I wanted everything, and I began to loose track of priorities, and I completely blew the bank. Looking back now, I’m a bit disappointed in myself, but last year, I made peace with the past, and made a goal for the future. 

I wanted, and needed, to seriously cut back on purchases and begin saving money. I knew that when the end of 2017 rolled around, I would be in college and if I hadn’t learned how to save my money, I was going to be miserable. In January of 2017, I purchased the Tartelette In Bloom palette (a palette well worth the money) and that was the only eyeshadow I purchased in all of 2017. While this may not seem like a big deal to some, for the girl who was buying an eyeshadow palette a month, this was an enormous cutback. A few weeks ago, I purchased the Lorac Pro palette, and I have decided that this will be my only eyeshadow palette for at least half the year.

Reflecting back on 2017 and how I was able to maintain my goal of cutting down on makeup purchases, I think that I also managed to cut down on all purchases. I evolved from buying and excess of cheap products and items to choosing fewer but more expensive items. The change in my mindset of shopping made a big difference because it allowed me to save for a few pricier items that I really wanted, instead of blowing all my money on a myriad of cheaper items that I only sort of wanted. I also turned my focus away from products that I already had a large amount of (eyeshadow) and began to expand into products I hadn’t really explored. I got more into skincare, lipstick and blush. I started investing in my foundations and finding cheaper alternatives for products that I really wanted but just couldn’t financially swing. I made a list of products I wanted, and if I already had something similar, the product got moved down to the bottom of the list. This allowed me to expand my makeup collection in a smarter, both financially and strategic way.

By cutting my makeup allowance, I found that my purchasing interests began to move in a different direction; I got more into fashion and homeware, and with my newly distributed funds, I was able to expand in both of those departments as well. I began looking into luxury item, and made the mental decision to save for those items. Changing my relationship with makeup has positively affected my mental state when it comes to shopping and it has also allowed me begin the development of my financial growth.

What kind of shopper are you? 


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