I adore traveling, but I hate flying. 

something about being thousands of feet in the air stuck inside a metal imitation of a bird with no way of getting out doesn’t sit right with me. If you really think about it, flying is a slightly disconcerting concept. Then of course, you’ve usually got the added fun of turbulence, which is just a party. Though I suppose flying has its’ pros and I suppose they do outweigh the cons, but that doesn’t mean I have to love it. 

Right now, I’m on a plane flying back to school. It’s been kind of an odd experience. I had lived in my hometown for the majority of my life, it was without a doubt home. In September of 2017,  I moved 600 miles away to go to school. I was surprised at how quickly school became home. I felt more at ease there than I ever had in my hometown. Come November, it was time for me to return home for winter break. My school has a ridiculously long winter break (seven weeks) and I was planning on being back with my family for all of them. Sitting in the airport, waiting for my flight was the strangest feeling. I was sad because I was leaving home, but the kicker was I was also going home. This stuck an internal debate that lasted the duration of the hour and a half flight. 

When I finally got home, I felt out of place. I had changed a lot in the few months I had been gone but nothing back home had changed. My room was exactly as I left it, little had changed with my family, basically the only big change was when I left it was a sweltering 90 degrees out and when I returned, it was in the 40’s. I felt like when I went away, I started running along side life. Everything moved at a fast pace and I loved it, but when I got home, it was like the world was at a standstill. I felt out of place. 

Over the course of the seven weeks, I began to get used to the pace back home. I began to feel normal again. I began to think of it as home again, but now, as I fly away, I don’t miss it like I miss home. I’ve missed school more than I’ve ever missed being home, and I think that says a lot. I think I’m ready for a new home. 


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