“Open your eyes. Open them wide. Because I’m here to tell you, along with millions of other women that you are not equal. Our equality is an illusion. A feel-good sleight of hand. A trick of the mind. I’m sorry to tell you, but you are not equal.” -Dina Leygerman in You’re Not Equal. I’m Sorry. 
As I was unable to participate in the 2017 Women’s March (thank you work), I was adamant on going to the 2018 one. Luckily, my city was having one and I made sure that nothing got in my way from joining. To tell you the truth, I have never been a part of a march or a rally, so I entered this one with a completely blank slate and absolutely no idea what I was about to encounter. This march was one of the most fun and liberating things I’ve ever experienced. The event started out with speeches from prominent women and activists from our area. Experiences and thoughts were shared on everything from pay equality, sexual harassment and representation in government. One women who id running for a spot in our local government made the statement concerning the state of our government in which she said “it is time to make our government less stale, less pale and less male”. 
While I loved pretty much ever part of the march, by far my favorite thing were all of the signs and posters. There are some absolute gems! I took about a thousand photos –picking my favorites out was hard– and I popped the best down below! 

Now onto a little more of a serious note, I wanted to take about the question that has been circling my mind for the past week or so. Why do we march? There is not one answer to this question, but hundreds instead. I personally have multiple reasons why I march, and they differ in details from others around me, but the basic ideas are the same. I march because I’ve watched women around me suffer from sexual harassment. I march because I’ve seen how hard my mother has to work to get even half the recognition she deserves in a job that she does better than any man. I march because I’ve lived the emotional abuse that ensues when women are seen as less then men. I march because I have been told I can’t do things because I am a girl. I march because I have experienced the double standard. I march because I have been oppressed by men that I considered friends and family. I march because I am tired of being scared that I will be raped and killed if I go on a date with someone I don’t really know. I march because the injustice that women have lived for centuries is still prominent and every step I, and the women around me take, is a step towards equality. I am marching for my future.

Why do you march? 


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