Fragrence, scent, eau de toilette, toilet water, eau de cologne, cologne, etc. So many different words to describe the same thing, a liquid that’s supposed to make you smell better. It’s basically a very posh spray on deodorant that does absolutely nothing to hinder your sweat and costs a ridiculous amount of money. I’ve got a bit of an issue with perfumes, can you tell?
     Growing up, perfumes always fascinated me because I never really understood them. I thought their concept was kind of convoluted because you were basically paying a whole lot of money for something to make you smell better. I couldn’t understand why someone would want that. If you smell bad, take a shower. Simple, easy, and a whole lot less expensive. I still do understand that kind of thinking, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve also begun to understand the other side of the argument. I’ve begun to look less at the practicality of perfume and more at the beauty of it. I’ve always been a lover of science, and chemistry was a favorite of mine (until my last year of school when I had no clue what was going on for the duration of the entire class). Creating perfumes, and even broader than that, creating scents, is absolutely fascinating. During the time period of my life when I was doing university selections and I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my life, I seriously considered going into cosmetic chemistry and specializing in creating perfumes. After a bit of thought, and a realization that I’m not actually that great at chemistry, I decided that cosmetic chemistry wasn’t necessarily the field for me, but I would love to dabble in that world eventually.
     Now that I’m an adult (not really but let’s pretend) I’ve begun to appreciate the luxury of perfume. There’s something so “grown up” about buying perfume, mostly because it is deemed a luxury product. It’s such a little thing to buy, and it’s definitely not a necessity, but it’s a wonderfully bougie product to own. It genuinely makes me feel like I have my life together whenever I remember, “oh, I need to out on my perfume”.

     While I’m now happy and excited to buy perfumes, there is another obstacle that stands in my way. I have an extremely sensitive nose when it comes to most scents. Florals are usually  overpowering, citrus scents are so sweet and anything vanilla makes me nauseous. Walking into Bath and Bodyworks is a nightmare for my nose. Because of these peculiarities, finding a perfume I can not only stand to smell but actually like, is difficult. I tend to gravitate towards to fresher and cleaner smells because they’re a bit easier for my nose too handle but I also really the heavier and more masculine scents.
     Mistral’s Eau de Parfum in South Seas has a very fresh scent, and it is just heavy enough to not be overpowering but to still carry a strong scent. The perfume is described as having citrus top notes with blend of rose and seaweed. Hence the name, I am strongly reminded of being by the seaside whenever I spray this. I can smell the water, squish the sand, and see the rising sun coming up over the rustling waves. I get a bit of peace and serenity when I spray this, and it always sets off my day on a bright note.


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