It wasn’t until recent that I had any real interest in accessories. I was very much a mundane accessorizer, I wore the same jewelry for months at a time, rarely wore hats, only put on a scarf for warmth and even now, just thinking about it, I’m getting bored. I lacked pizazz (I still kind of do but I’m trying here, give me a little credit) and definitely didn’t stand out in a crowd. Nothing I owned was loud, nothing had a voice, nothing shouted from the rooftops “Hey! Look at me!”. As 2017, I decided to change that. I began buying more jewelry, something I rarely did because I wore the n=same necklace and earrings for lifetimes at a time. I forced myself away from the black void of clothing racks and made myself enter the newfound land (for myself at least) that was the accessory section. Hats, bags, belts, galore. It was a whole new world! Now here I am, a year later, and my collection has grown a fair amount. I definitely have some favorites out of all my pieces, and I’ve noticed that even though I’ve begun branching out in what details I choose, I’ve begun to gravitate towards a handful of cohesive styles.

Earrings are probably my most worn accessory. I wear them every day, but the problem is, I often forget to change them. I currently have two piercings in both ears — hoping for a third soon — and for the past two months, I’ve worn small gold hoops in my first piercing and small silver studs in my second. Basic. Simple. Usually love them, but as of right now, I’m bored. I’ve really been digging hoops lately, and I’ve been desperately trying to make the statement earring trend work for me. Some of my current favorite earrings are a pair of large, thin wire hoops from Urban Outfitters, my small, slightly thicker hoops that I’ve had since I was a wee one, and a new pair of pink, plexiglass, half hoops, that I bought from a local vintage shop.

I’m always wearing a necklace. It’s the once piece of jewelry that can always be found on my body, simply because I think it’s the easiest way to add a beautiful touch of detail in the simplest way. I have a small stature, so I’ve always tended to gravitate towards smaller, simpler necklaces, because I think larger ones make me look like a six year old trying on her mom’s jewelry. Sometimes a good look, but not a lot of the time. Necklaces are the other piece of jewelry I consistently forget to change out. I’ve been wearing the same necklace since the start of January and I’ve had zero motivation to change it. Oops. I’m trying to get better a changing my necklaces to go with my outfit, it’s not really bearing success, but I’m trying. The necklace I’m currently wearing, which you can see in more detail here, is a 14k gold worn pendant with a Stirling Silver chain from Alex and Ani. Before that I was constantly wearing a necklace in the form of my zodiac constellation from Anthropologie.

Hat’s are a personal favorite of mine during every season. A lot of people only wear hats in the winter (gotta keep the head toasty and such) but I love wearing summer hats as well. Granted, while the styles are completely different *obvi*, I think that a hat can perfectly finish off an outfit and give it a bit of a tszuj. P.S, that’s the oddest spelling of a word ever. This past winter, I found myself reaching for berets, which a definitely having their moment in the limelight right now and I’m absolutely loving it because I desperate to channel my inner Parisian. I also picked up a baker boy hat, which was a bit of a leap of faith, but it has paid off ten-fold. I also found that there’s absolutely no way to go wrong with a wide-brimmed felt hat. No way, that is, until the hat flies off my head and I end up chasing it down a very crowded public street. Unintentional exercise and whatnot. Spring has begun to peak it’s head into my town and so I’ve begun the transition to more warm weather friendly garments and accessories. In my coming ASOS package (shhh don’t tell my bank account), I’ve ordered a wide brimmed straw hat that I think will look divine on a sandy beach. In the summer, I tend to be a proprietor of baseball-esk hats, simply because they keep the sun off my face and not going to lie, I think they really suit me. I have a few of these sporty hats, but I definitely want to keep my eye out for a few more fashion forward ones, if that even exists.

Now don’t laugh, but belts are a recent discovery for me. I don’t really know why I never really wore belts, they just didn’t even cross my mind. I think my problem was I only saw belts for their practical use, rather than being an accessory. Instead of thinking “my pants stay up fine, I don’t need a belt”, I should have been thinking ” a belt, what a perfect addition to this outfit”! Transitioning into the second mindset, I’ve been looking out for belts that I think will be good additions to my wardrobe. I have a tendency to stray towards simple, thinner belts, but I’m hoping to be adding a few more decorative belts to my collection over this year!

I’ve always had a love for rings, I think they look absolutely gorgeous on pretty much everyone. My problem with rings I have ridiculously tiny fingers, so nothing ever fits me! It’s so annoying, and basically one of my biggest grievances with the jewelry industry. To put it into perspective, my ring finger is a size 3.5, it’s mad! Anywho, this makes finding rings extremely difficult, but I do my best. I’ve recently been gravitating towards very simplistic rings, which is a stark contrast to the usually chunky and unique looking rings that have previously been my cup of tea. I picked up a set of gold , thin, circular rings that, surprise, surprise, actually fit me. A foreign concept, I promise you.

Bags, bags, bags. I had an obsession with bags when I was younger, and the obsession hasn’t really gone away. The only difference is now, I have a slightly more expensive taste when it comes to bags, which has it’s pros and it’s cons. Pro: absolutely stunning bags, incredibly well made, and truly a statement piece in a wardrobe. Con: I have no money. Do you see the toss up? I bought my first designer bag in London over the summer, it’s a Ted Baker bag and it’s my baby. It was ridiculously on sale, which was a blessing sent from above, and now it’s sparked a new desire to start buying designer  bags. I know there are a lot of different opinions on buying designer handbags, and while I definitely still love buying non-designer bags, it’s a new category that I’m interested in investing in.

What are some of your favorite accessories? 


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