Y’all… I jumped on a bandwagon. I’m usually pretty good at staving off the blogger-induced need to try every new product, and when it comes to bandwagon products, I can either avoid falling into the hype, or I do genuinely want to try the products without any regards to what the community has said about them. This time is an exception… I’ve been a part of the blogging community for a while, and there are only a few brands that I have seen receive this kind of attention so quickly. It’s quite impressive actually, and I was immediately intrigued when out of no where everything was Glossier this and Glossier that. And the real kicker, they’re pretty much all good comments. It’s so rare to hear such little negative feed back about not only a brand as a whole, but individual products as well.

After months of lusting after these products and begin sucked more and more into the hype of the brand, I caved and made a purchase. I had a list as long as my arm when it came to products I wanted, but I’m already on a super tight budget, so I had to be choosy. Hopefully, there will be another order in the not too distant future, but my bank account has to stop hemorrhaging. I was torn between buying skincare and makeup so I ended up with a mix of both.

Cloud Paint in Dusk
The cloud paints were actually the original reason I was intrigued with Glossier. I remember reading a review of them and being so interested by the fact that it was a cream blush that came in a tube. Such a small thing, but it boggled my mind a bit. I had never been one for cream blushes, or cream products in general. I find that they never sit right on my skin and always look a bit cakey. They also tend to be a but heavier and I try to use pretty lightweight makeup because there is nothing that bother me more than when my face feels heavy and clogged. It’s nasty. After reading that the blush was indeed cream, but it was extremely lightweight and it actually sunk into the skin, I knew I had to try it. I ended up picking the shade Dusk, which isn’t a color I usually would go for. I’m a chronic pink blush user, and seeing as Dusk is described as a brownish nude, it’s completely out of my comfort zone. The reason I actually decided on Dusk instead of Puff or Haze (both pinks) was because in the summer I really like to emulate a more bronzed and golden look. I tend to forgo blush in the summer, but I thought the Dusk would be the perfect selection to help me keep with that vibe while still wearing blush. The blush has indeed lived up to its reviews. It’s not cakey at all, it sinks beautifully into the skin and it’s extremely lightweight.

Brow Boy in Brown
You can’t get more bandwagon when it comes to Glossier than the Brow Boy. I’ll tell you a not-so-secret secret, it definitely deserves the hype. Put this baby in the blogger hall of fame, deem it as a holy grail, give it even more hype because that’s how good it is. I’m currently at war with my eyebrows (I’m losing) and this has made the battle much easier. I’m currently trying to reshape my brows — apparently I’m an idiot and I forgot how long and arduous that process is — and this brow gel had made it so when I forgo filling in my brows, they look less than terrible. I have weird sparse areas in my brows and the gel allows me to go in and lightly fill them in so there bald bits aren’t as noticeable. It’s also a true trooper when I fill my eyebrows in because it keeps not only the hair in place, but I think it actually makes the filling stay longer. Good job Glossier, this is truly a gem.

Milky Jelly Cleanser
Moving on to skincare,  had such a hard time choosing. I really wanted to pick up their face masks but I’m broke so nope. I landed on picking up the cleanser because I had again heard a lot of great reviews about it. I’m a bit picky when it comes to cleansers because I have very sensitive skin. I’ve been using the Simple Micellar Water for the past few years and I haven’t been able to find another cleanser that helps clear up my skin and take off my makeup without the use of extra oils. I already have a very oily T-Zone and putting any more oil onto it angers it severely. I was a tad bit worried about the fact that this cleanser is a conditioning cleanser but I honestly haven’t has any problems with it. My skin feels very cleaned smooth after I use it, and I definitely noticed that over time my skin looks a lot more healthy. A bonus to this product is it smells absolutely divine!

Balm Dotcom
I’m including this product under skincare because it’s technically a “universal” skin salve but I’ve never actually used it on anything other than my lips. I’m a sucker for lip balms and tinted lip balms, especially during the summer, so I knew this product was a good idea. I picked up the rose scent, which comes with a pink tint and I’m completely in love with it. The balm is a very thick substance so a little goes a long way and it really does keep my lips moisturized for a large amount of the day.


While crazy packaging is always fun, I have a tendency to lean towards the more simplistic designs. I think that clean and simple packaging with maybe only a few pops of select colors really makes a statement and looks more appealing, both ascetically and professionally.  I’m personally obsessed with Glossier’s packaging, I think it perfectly fits the vibe of the brand. Everything is super smooth to the touch, and most products consist of only two or three colors: the main one being white. 


I’ve been back and forth with myself when it comes to how I feel about the pricing of these products. On one hand, I think that the prices are an absolute steal when in regards to quality. Seriously, these products could probably go for at least double what they cost, and when I think about it like that, I can make peace with what I payed. The other hand is the nagging voice in the back of my head that I really want these to be cheaper, not because I think they should undermine their quality and lord knows, I’m here to support entrepreneurial women and their businesses, but because I look at brands like The Ordinary and see their incredibly cheap prices. Somehow, they manage to produce seriously high quality products at very low prices, and honestly, that something I would really like to see coming out to the beauty industry more. But overall, honestly, the prices are perfectly fine, and I have no real qualm with paying them!

Have you tried any Glossier products? 


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