“Little victories”, the tiny, seemingly minuscule things that make all the hardships in life actually bearable. It has been a rough ten weeks for me y’all, I truly and completely feel like life has been having a jolly old time continually pushing me over. My college splits our school year up into three ten week sections, meaning that in the corse of ten weeks, not only do we start new classes, but we have to do and complete all classwork associated with the class credits as well as completing midterms and finals. It’s a lot. Successfully getting through that mod-podge of essays, no sleep, and just general confusion with a hint of inner turmoil is definitely an experience (not necessarily always a great one) but honestly, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Alongside the challenges of school, I’ve been dealing with a lot of personal battles, both emotional and physical. Some of these battles have been conquered, but most of them still require time and perseverance. That doesn’t mean I haven’t made progress though, i.e. baby steps. I took a but off from blogging because I really wanted to give myself a period to just stop working and reflect on all the work I’ve done, whether it be here, in school, or just in my life. I did a lot, some of it only happened in ten weeks, but others have been building for years and I have finally been  able to reap the rewards. 

Starting with school, I had multiple little victories throughout the quarter but some of the best were definitely near the end. I’m attending an art school, but instead of claiming a typical art major, I’ve chosen to claim a writing major with the hopes of bettering the content on this blog, as well as taking the skills that I learn (both in school and here) into the world of fashion and beauty magazines. I’m not particularly strong when it comes to fine arts, I can’t draw for my life and I get no joy from painting. A tiny problem is that since I do attend an art school, I’m required to take the foundation fine art classes, which means I’m painting and drawing, etc. To say I’ve struggled in these classes would be an understatement, but as of the end of this quarter I have ended both of my fine arts classes with top grades! On top of that, I finished this last quarter off with perfect grades (working for that took years off my life) and have made it onto the Deans List which recognizes the high ranking students. Pardon my happy dance, but getting those grades was so damn hard so I’m extremely jazzed. 

Alongside school, I spent a lot of my time last quarter looking for a job. I’ve always been very fortunate to kind of stumble across jobs, making a job search rather easy, but this time, I had no such luck. For the longest time, I couldn’t find a job, and I didn’t realize how much that was weighing on me until the weight was lifted. I had worked retail over my winter break, and genuinely really enjoyed it *insert chorus of shocked gasps* so I was looking for a similar job. The same company I had worked for at home has a store not too far from my dorm, so I was desperately trying to get a job there. I must have called at least twenty times. Each time I was met with the same spiel of how there weren’t hiring and how I just needed to keep a look out on their website. Extremely discouraged (and broke) I stopped looking for a bit, and pushed the job search to the back burner. Fast forward a few weeks and I was sitting in a coffee shop when I got an overwhelms urge to check the stores website. I hadn’t looked at in a few weeks, and to my complete and utter surprise, once it loaded there was a for hire section! I don’t think I’ve ever filled out paperwork so fast… Fate or luck or whatever divine force must have been on my side because a few days later I got a call back and was offered the job! 

The next little victory isn’t actually little to me but I’m not going to go into that much detail about it because I’m toying with the idea of doing a full blog post on it in the future. For about four years, I’ve struggled with multiple different medical issues, one of them being keeping my weight high enough to be considered healthy for my age and height. I’ve always been a very thin person, but since I was an athlete for mist of my life, I maintained a strong and healthy body. That changed around my mid teen years because of extenuating circumstances. The bottom line was, I had to gain weight, and that was extremely hard for me, both physically and mentally. After four years of struggling with it, I can now say that my weight (even though it does fluctuate) remains at a healthy number and I feel better than I’ve felt in years. The fight that I went though with my weight was, and probably will be, one of the toughest things I’ve ever done. So now, to be able to step on a scale, and be proud of the number that comes up, that’s a huge victory in my book.

After a few months of struggling, these victories were definitely what I needed to get me through. I’m really excited and proud of these little victories and I’m hoping that these good times will carry on into the next quarter.

Have you had an little victories recently? 


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