Now this sentence might put me in beauty community jail but I really don’t care for lipstick. Before you all take out your touches and pitchforks, I do have reasoning behind it. Growing up, lipstick always seemed like a very grown up piece of makeup. When I would play dress up and pretend to be an adult, I would sneak a bit of my mom’s lipstick. Running the colored pigment encased in a small bullet shaped tube across my lips filled me with a sense of pride. To very very honest, I think these moments are what created the tiny little spark that in the future, would fuel my love for beauty. As I got older, I would wear lipstick on the off occasion, but I never really felt comfortable in it. It was never the right color or the right texture, too heavy, too dry, too sticky. Whatever the issue, I never truly felt confidant in lipstick, so I’ve found myself looking for other alternatives for lip products.

Jouer Essential Lip Enhancer:
I first discovered this little gem in a Birchbox a couple months ago. Birchboxs can be a bit hit or miss, but sometimes the products really strike gold. I tend to struggle with extremely dry lips, so I alway try to keep a lip balm of sort on my person *instert image of guy with large coat who then opens said coat to reveal lines of lip balms on the inside..that’s me*. I tried so many different brands of lip balms: EOS, Burns Bees, Vaseline, etc. and they were all okay, but this Jouer balm was damn revolutionary. Never have I been able to put on a lip balm and have my lips feel smooth and shiny for so long. Usually the hydrated feeling goes away after an hour or two but with this, it stays for about three or more if I don’t eat. The balm (which is actually more like a conditioning goo) sits on top of my lips for a few minutes after I apply, giving me a super nice glossy look that has merited me multiple compliments, and then I can literally feel it begin to sink into my lips. So luxe!

Hourglass Lip Treatment Oil:
I will always vouch for Hourglasss products and this one is no different. To her very honest, I bought this on a complete whim because the sales associate told me to and I was in a spendy mood (danger Will Robinson). I had originally set out to buy an Hourglass blush, and then spotted this and was intrigued. Fun little trick, when you use this oil, you can combine it with a bit of the blush powder and then use it as a colored gloss or oil. Any who, I think this oil is going to be really great for spring because not only does it hydrate the lips, but it also allows you to easily get a little bit of the color of your choice pretty easily.

Glossier Balm Dotcom in Rose:
The Balm Dotcom has quickly become a holy grail product within the beauty company as Glossier has continued to gain popularity. I hopped on the Glossier train as soon as I could, and I definitely didn’t regret it (heavenly products). My roommate actually convinced me to add this to my shopping cart after she raved about it for ages. I picked the rose scented balm because it comes with a slight tint of pink, which looks very natural and pretty on the lips. While I’ll admit this balm is probably the least hydrating out of the three here, it still does a really good job at injecting some moisture for a little while.

I’m really feeling a resurgence of the 90’s/early 2000’s tinted lip balm phase for this coming spring and summer. I’m also beginning to lead towards more of a natural beauty look (let’s be real, I’m lazy) and the lip balms make a big difference. They add a bit of shine which really makes a difference to a minimal makeup day. All three of these products range in prices so there’s definitely an option for anyone looking!

What kind of lip balm do you like?


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