I feel as though I have to be totally honest with you all before I begin this… I am a lazy person. It’s not to a point where all I do is sit around and twiddle my thumbs, but I definitely have a bit of the lazy bug. To be fair though, I’m a college student. My entire life is being dragged from one grind to the next with an endless amount of deadlines being thrown at me and I’m going to be real, 80% of them are kind of pointless. Now I realize that what I just described is also basically the “real world” of work or whatever but at least in the real world of work, you get paid. I do not get paid to be chemistry and that severely ruins my mood. Before anyone gets concerned for my work ethic, I do have one and there are a lot of things that I do in school (and out) that light a fire in my pants and keep me up at night but the number of things on that list has dwindled with the increasing amount of work I have. As a #lazygirl I find that I sometimes look for the easiest and simplest ways to accomplish the tasks that aren’t dire, mandatory, or fun. This little bad habit has now seeped into my beauty and hair routines… which I’m really not that torn up about. I don’t have the time of the energy to really do my makeup anymore –at least not the quality I like to do it– and I’ve gotten to the point where I just don’t give a damn about my hair. It’s bad, I know, but that’s where I am and I’m rolling with it. As long as my hair looks less than terrible and my face looks clean and presentable, I’ll call it a job well done.

For those you you who don’t know, I have naturally curly hair –that’s probably most of you because I never post pictures with my natural hair because I’m a wimp– and as we get closer to summer I tend to forgo straightening it and go o-natural. This isn’t necessarily a choice, I live in a very humid climate and humidity plus curls plus straightener equals a pain in my ass and really gross looking hair. Mother Nature does not give two shits about my hair and honestly, I respect that. She’s got bigger things to worry about *cough where did the Arctic go cough*. I’ve given up fighting with her and have decided to just embrace my poodle-esq appearance from the months of May to October.

I recently moved to a much more humid climate than the one I grew up in, so I had to completely reevaluate my haircare routine. I ended up making a lot of changes because what I used before just wasn’t working in this new environment but it honestly ended up working out okay. I started by changing up my shampoo and conditioner. I had previously been using the brand Not Your Mothers, and I made the decision to stay with the brand but move to using their organic lines. This mainly mean removing chemicals like suffer from my hair care which I found to be a real help in making my curls look more healthy. I make sure to use very moisturizing hair products because curly hair is commonly dry. Two to three times a week I apply the OGX Intense Moisturizing Treatment which is a conditioning hair mask made with Moroccan Argan Oil. I’ve found this mask makes a big difference, especially during these summer months because it helps me keep the frizz down. Once I’m out of the shower, I’ve really been liking the OUAI Wave Spray because it actually helps relax my curls a bit and makes them a little less crazy. It’s basically like a sea salt spray, but I find that many sea salt spreads can be quite heavy and gritty where as this one is very light and I can’t actually feel the salty texture. Two thumbs up on this little bottle.

The final step that I’ve been doing to embrace my curly hair is actually counter-intuitive: blowdrying. Now my original knowledge of blowdrying revolved around it only working for straighter hair. Whenever I tried to blow-dry my hair as a kid, I always ended up with a mass of frizzy, semi-straight, semi-curly, generally ugly hair. This my dear friends is because I was missing the secret ingredient, the tool that makes all the difference: a diffuser.  If you have curly hair and have never tried blowdrying with a diffuser, I’m about to revolutionize your hair’s world. A diffuser is an attachment that clicks onto the end of the hairdryer. It’s a large circular disk with small cylindrical tubes attached to the surface. These tubes allow for the heat of the hairdryer to come through but it reduces the amount of air blowing. Air –not heat– is what often causes frizz when hair is in its drying period. With the removal of the air, the heat from the harder is able to reach the hair without blowing it all over the place. The diffuser helps maintain my curls through the drying process, but it also goes a step beyond and helps my curls stay *curly* all day. Seriously, invest.

I want to be so good about my skincare, I really do, but as I stated before I’m lazy. I try to make a routine and then I fail at sticking to the routine. I have so many different cleansers and serums and tonics and I get is overwhelmed with I try ti use them. Because of this, I’ve decided to whittle my skincare process down to only four steps, because at this moment –at least– that’s as much as I can handle. The first step is cleansing all the easy stuff off my face which I do with a various rotation of products that I plan to do a post about later so stay tuned. The next two products I am determined to get into: Jojoba Oil and pure Lemon Extract. They’re both organic and pure oils that are supposed to do wonders for the skin. Jojoba oil does a multitude of things: it’s anti-bacterial, hydrating, it helps get rid of acne and even works to minimize scarring, etc. The lemon oil is another way to fight acne, but honestly it’s just used to to make the Jojoba oil smell better. My goal for the summer months is to take a break for foundation and such, and use the oil combinations as my one and only base. The final step to my skincare is my moisturizer. You all have heard me (and every other person in the beauty world) rave about Clinique’s Moisture Surge so I won’t bore you with it again but I will leave you with one final sentiment: it’s the real deal.

I’m hoping with the new skin and haircare regime, I’ll be able to really embrace my natural attributes this summer. I’m excited to be trying some new products, and I can’t wait to see the effects they’ll have.

What are some ways you embrace the natural? 


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