Ah spring. Now at the moment all I think when I here that word is allergies because it feels like someone has been injecting pollen into my bloodstream and I’m exploding from the inside out (too graphic?) but usually when I think of spring, I get very excited. Flowers bloom (bar pollen, damn you  pollen), the days get longer and warmer, and people’s spirit seem to lift as we bid farewell to the cold months of winter. Granted, where I live, we don’t necessarily get to experience spring, we more so go straight from winter to summer. Y’all can catch me hanging out in a sweater and jeans one day, and a bathing suit the next. Mmmm delightful.

To be very honest with all of you, spring/summer is my least favorite time of year when it comes to shopping and clothing. Fall/winter is my vibe, with it’s dark colors and cozy clothes not to mention there are few things when it comes to shopping that I detest more than bathing suit shopping. Does anyone actually enjoy it? Genuinely, it has nothing to do with body image or self confidence issues, it’s just such an uncomfortable experience. I cringe just thinking about it. My summer style usually consists of running shorts and a large t-shirt (don’t judge) and if I’m feeling really fancy, maybe I’ll throw on a pair of denim shorts. Maybe. Probably not. The only other semi-fashionable things I gravitate to during the sweltering months are dresses because why wear pants when you don’t have to. Personally, I think that’s a philosophy to live by. Easy, and breezy, they’re absolutely perfect for my lazy soul.

I’m currently on a kick of playing to my strengths, so I’ve decided that this spring and summer there is going to be a coup d’etat in my closet and dresses — with a subtle hint of skirts — will be taking over. All hail the pants-free overlords. 

Most everything below has been saved in my ASOS likes for absolutely ever while I try to scrounge up the money to go shopping — gotta love that college budget. A few other come from Urban Outfitters which I tend to frequent because I get a discount. This spring/summer, I really want to explore maxi and midi dresses more. I usually stick to the regular short length but I want to expand my horizons and see if I can pull off the longer skirt. Plus, I always find that the longer the skirt, the more put together you look, but the easier it is to wear. Magic! 

I’ve already started adding some dresses to my wardrobe, including this UO Button-Down Midi Dress which I also linked down below with its image. I’m off on vacation in about three weeks (Greece!!) and so I’m also after a few more beachy pieces like this ASOS Tie Maxi Dress. I’m also trying to expand my collection of shoes, somehow I have a stupid amount of shoes but no sandals. They’re all either boots or sneakers, neither of which are particularly helpful for sandy shores. I fell head over heels for the flatform trend, I think it’s genius. I’m not particularly tall so I sometimes can really d with a bit of height and platforms are sooo comfortable in comparison to regular heels. The last thing I think I’m going to be working on this summer in terms of my wardrobe is updating my jewelry collection. I have a tendency to were very minimal jewelry and I very seldom change it. I’ve been wearing the necklace I have on nonstop since January. I think it’s time for a change. I’ve been digging the coin jewelry trend, I think it’s a great way to have super simple jewelry but still manage to make a statement. 

What are you looking to add for your spring/summer wardrobe?


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