These last two weeks of mine have been an absolute whirlwind, hence the lack of posts. I’ve been scrambling around like a chicken without its head for what feels like forever, but now as I’m writing this things have calmed down (eh).

The craziness ensued with the end of my first year of college. Insert finals weeks, saying goodbye to friends, moving everything I owned out of my dorm ( I have a lot of crap and A LOT of clothes), painting and cleaning because my roommates and I kind of wrecked our room — it was well loved—, all in the span of five days. It was a nightmare. Granted some parts were fun but I genuinely felt like I didn’t stop 120 hours straight. Fast forward to the end of hell week, everything I owned, plus myself, my mom and my best friend piled into our Jeep and drove home. The usually nine hour drive took twelve, thank you freak torrential downpour. After an insanely long drive and suffering from severe flat butt syndrome, we arrived home where I proceeded to move everything back into my bedroom in my family house and was one again affronted by just how much stuff I have. Seriously, expect to be hearing about The Great Clear-Out of 2018 because this stuff has got to go. I then took my suitcase, dumped everything out that I had shoved in there to help with the move, and began to repack it for the trip I would be leaving for in less than 48 hours. After four hours of agonizing over what shorts to bring and being consistently told off because I am a chronic over packer and yes I really do think I need at least 3 white t-shirts for a two week trip, it doesn’t matter that I’ve already packed enough shirts to wear a new one everyday, I was packed and ready to go.

As of June 4th, I have been on vacation in Greece. Que excited squeal and happy dance. On a 10 day trip of which we are less than half way though my friend and I have already visited Athens, and have moved onto Santorini. I will be writing more in depth posts about the trip separately but for what I will say now, it’s absolutely amazing and such an eye opening experience. We have been mostly backpacking, are are constantly moving from one hostel to the next. Our original plans for the trip changed suddenly about three days in so I am not quite sure exactly how everything is going to work out but here’s hoping for the best.

When we return home, I have a few days to adjust and relax before I will be starting my summer internship. I will be working for a museum and will be redesigning their social media systems. I think it’s going to be an extremely wonderful opportunity and I can’t wait to get started.

How has your last couple weeks been?


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