To round out the last few days of our Grecian adventure, we did absolutely nothing of consequence. We genuinely spent, three days, laying by either a pool, or a beach, and I have absolutely no regrets about that. Everything leading up to this trip, as well as the first half of it, was pretty high energy and a bit stressful. So to have the opportunity to just sit in the sun and do nothing was a gift from the heavens. The first day of the veg out, we moved to a new hotel, but this time, we had decided to splurge and booked a room in a resort. After days of hostels –granted they were pretty nice for hostels– checking into a resort was like walking into a dream. We proceeded to throw all of our stuff into our room and run to the pool, where we set up shop for most of the day. When we needed to take a break from the sun, we decided to eat in the resort restaurant. I honestly couldn’t tell you what they served us, all I remember was it had salmon in it and we just had to make piece with the fact the the noodles were black and thats the way it was. Don’t ask questions you don’t really want answered, especially when it comes to food, right?

After that we headed down to the beach where we were given complimentary sun beds (perks) and continued to roast in the sun. Once we decided that we had absorbed enough UV rays, we retired to our room for a little snooze, and then decided to get all dolled up for dinner. Cue fancy dresses, glittery makeup, and the beautiful backdrop that our terrace became. We walked along the beach, for a bit before we settled on a location for dinner, where we managed to drink slightly too much before our food came and spent the rest of the evening giggling over every little thing. The buzz took us all the way through dinner and back to our hotel room, where we passed out and truly had the best sleep of the trip.

The next two days were basically the same, the only change being we moved to an Air BnB hotel that had a phenomenal pool and a great family run restaurant that has the best dolmades I’ve ever had. Seriously, I smashed an entire platter of them in one sitting and probably could have gone for another. With a tiny little market right next door, we had easy access to ice cream and cheap wine which made the evenings in this very quite area lively (at least to us). Alas, our trip had to come to an end eventually, so at 8 am we piled into a van and drove to the Santorini airport. For those of you who have not gone to the Santorini airport, let’s just say that while the island is a truly wonderful experience, the airport is not. It’s about the size of a shoebox and absolute chaos. We had ended up booking on a cheap airline which proved to be a mistake and after a kerfuffle –that cost me fifty euros– regarding carry on baggage, we were on a plane headed back to Athens.

Once we landed in Athens we were greeted with the challenging fact that all taxis were on strike and we would have to take the train to our hotel. After two hours riding the rails, we finally arrived. Now, notice that I said hotel, not hostel. Yes, we splurged a bit again for another but oh my god, we got so much more than we payed for. Everything in the minibar was free, the bathroom was incredible and it had fully functional aircon. Literally complete luxury. We were so disgusting when we arrived and we left feeling cleaner than we had the whole trip. Unfortunately, we had to leave at three-thirty in the morning because I’m stupid and booked our return flight for six am. Ugh.

Twelve hours later, we were home, and while Greece was an incredible experience, there’s always something nice about coming home.

That’s the whole trip! Thanks for reading! 


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