In January of this year, I decided to make a change to my lifestyle and stop eating meat. The idea for this post has been brewing in my drafts for ages now so excuse the fact that it says six months instead of seven. I was genuinely going to write this a month ago but time flies, and to be honest, I don’t want to change it because six months makes a better title than seven. Any who, back to the point, many months ago I decided to cut meat out of my diet. Now this wasn’t a particularly difficult concept for me to wrap my head around because I wasn’t a massive meat eater. I ate mostly chicken, with perhaps a little bit of bacon and sometimes some beef (I do love a good burger) but I steered clear of most red meats. I made this decision right as I was returning to school and that ended up being really great timing. My school caters to a large vegetarian and vegan population as well as being along the coast so we have access to a lot of vegetation as well as fresh fish for most meals. It was a rare occasion at school where I felt like my change in diet restricted my options for food.

When I returned home (to my meat eating family) there were some adjustments to be made, but overall it has been a relatively smooth transition. It has required a little extra time and thought but the outcome has been worth it. Since I wasn’t cooking for myself at school, I had to put very little thought into what I was eating –all I had to do was look for the little V symbol for vegetarian, VG symbol for vegan or SF for seafood. Easy, simple, very little brain usage. At home, I am completely in charge of figuring out what I want to eat, what ingredients are needed and then letting my mom know the plan so she has a little bit of structure. We’ve begun meal planning (highly recommend), which has really helped me stay on the no-meat train without having to resort to spending money on a meal out because I haven’t planned anything to eat.

While there are still a lot of recipes I’m excited to try, there are a couple that I’ve found work really well for my lifestyle –dinner, leftovers for lunches, portable, easy– that I thought I would share with all of you. Some of these are completely vegetarian but most incorporate fish because I’m desperate for protein and nicer skin.

Left overs: Yes, two (or more) for each

Left overs: Yes, so so many

Left Overs: Yes, maybe two lunches each

Left overs: Yes, multiple meals for both. They can both be frozen to extend meal timeline

I’ve really enjoyed cutting meat out of my diet. I’m quite excited to continue to try new recipes, and find new sets of meals that will continue to keep me healthy and energized while still managing to save some money. I also hope with new this dietary regime, I will be comfortable and knowledgable enough when it comes to my most loved meals that I will have the confidence to begin cooking myself! 


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