A large part of my day revolves round one thing: sleep. If I’m not partaking in the glorious act, then I’m thinking about it, wishing for it, and some may call call me desperate for it. Moving quickly past the fact that all of those descriptions may be akin to a drug addiction, I truly do love sleep, and it is a gloriously vital part of my day. Of course, no love story is complete without trials and tribulations and unfortunately, it is no different for me and my snoozing. Insomnia, the devil itself, has managed to worn its way into my life –thank you maternal gene pool– and I sometimes find myself unable to escape to the sweet, sweet bliss of sleep.

There are a multitude of ways to combat this unfortunate reality: sleeping pills, meditation, NyQuil (kidding), anvil to the head (not kidding), etc. Each works in their own respect, some better than others, some work well together — learn from my mistakes, never sleeping pills and NyQuil if you have any desire to wake up again– and sometimes everything under the sun fails because something in the universe is determined to keep me awake. Once the stars align and I am finally able to fall asleep, I usually have very intense dreams that make it feel like I’m not actually getting a nice, restful sleep. This tends to make the whole waking up experience an incredibly painful and arduous one that I get absolutely no enjoyment out of. I’ll truly never understand people who can jump out of bed bright eyed and bushy tailed, what planet do they come from?

With all of the unpleasantness that goes into my rise and fall of consciousness, I try to do what I can to cushion the process and make it slightly less laborious. When I’m going to sleep, I make my bed very cozy and comfortable, I do my best to relax at least fifteen minutes before bed, and I spend a little while working through the most important things going on in my head so I can quite them when it’s snooze time. I haven’t quite gotten on the train of no tech before bed but I do try to limit what I’m doing online (reading blogs instead of watching action movies) so to hinder myself the least amount as possible. When it’s time to wake up, I make sure to plan myself a little buffer of time after my alarm goes off to smash the snooze button, I sleep with my blinds open so the sun can come through and *hopefully* wake me up naturally and I run cold water over my hands and face to get the blood moving.

In lue of my sleep struggles, I’ve been looking for anything to help ease going into and coming out of sleep. I picked up two products from Lush that have really helped both prep for sleep as well as bring me out of my fatigued state. The first is the Sleepy Body Lotion –can you tell why I picked this?– and the second is Kalamazoo Facial Wash. Sleepy, a mix of lavenders and tonic perfume, it a subtle smelling lotion that has an extremely comforting effect and induces a kind of calmness that relaxes the body and makes drifting off to sleep, even with a racing mind, a little bit easier. Sleepy also contains cocoa butter which helps keep the skin moisturized throughout the night, and let’s be real, who doesn’t find the feeling of nice, moisturized skin on fresh, clean sheets, one of the best feelings in the world?

After I’ve dozed off thanks to Sleepy and *cough* a couple sleeping pills *cough* (it’s great, not a miracle worker) reviving myself takes a bit of effort. Post blaring alarm, general confusion, multiple swear words, and a full body stretch that manages to crack every joint in my body, I stumble out of bed to the bathroom and proceed with my routine. Contacts in, teeth brushed, all that’s left is to wash my lovely greasy face. Kalamazoo has become my favorite morning face wash because it’s a very gentle cleanse, but there’s just something about the cold cream mixed with the cold water that lights a fire in my pants to get going on my day. I really can’t explain it. This is *technically* a beard wash, but don’t be fooled, I don’t have a beard last I checked and it works perfectly fine on non-furry faces.

Aside from the fact that both of these products do their jobs very well, smell great and are genuinely just little pots of happiness, a plus side is they are both very natural options to help a sleep cycle. While I am not opposed to the less natural options of falling asleep –here comes that anvil again– it is nice to know that these are options that are a bit better for me. I’ll definitely have to be on the lookout for some more natural solutions like these! If you have any suggestions my fellow insomniacs, feel free to leave them below. Much appreciated!


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