*My Shiny Teeth and Me by Chip Skylark blares in the background*

Visualize with me: the dancing animated teeth, the weird stereotypical teen heartthrob of the early 2000’s, Cosmo and Wanda flying around and Timmy’s stupid pink hat. Ah children’s TV. To anyone who doesn’t know what I’m talking about, that image sounds like something you’d have to be on some seriously illegal substances to see but to those who do understand, you just got hit a wave of nostalgia, didn’t you? Any who, today I wanted to share something a bit ~off brand~ but something I think is really cool. I’ve pretty much always used a regular, static toothbrush because I was never bothered to find anything more. I had one specific want in a toothbrush (tongue scraper thingy) and that was always meet with a normal, absolutely dull toothbrush. I had seen commercials for electric toothbrushes for years, but honestly thought that it was silly to pay that much for a toothbrush that basically brushed for you. Like honestly, that’s a new level of ridiculous.

It wasn’t until I was sat (trapped) in the dentist chair at my six month check up when I saw this little device. I was instantly intrigued, but I have to say it was more so because of the packaging and the aesthetic of advertising than it was the actual product. The push to purchase point had little to do with the packaging or the product or even my dentists recommendation, but mostly to do with the fact that because my dentist was a rep for the brand, I got a discount. Let’s be real, who doesn’t seriously consider a product if they get a discount? No one, that’s who.

Once I put in my order for the toothbrush, I was quite excited but unfortunately there was an issue with the distributer and it took about a month to receive instead of a week. I was a but frustrated, but in the end everything turned out okay because BURST’s customer service was very helpful, attentive and apologetic. When the brushes were finally back, I got an immediate update, and my lost time was compensated with another discount as well as some free whitening strips. As a new and growing brand, I have to say that I was very impressed with how the company handled the mishap and even with the wait, I would probably order from them again.

So onto the the actual brush, there are a few select aspects of the product that I really enjoy and I think set it apart from other electronic toothbrushes. The first thing that I was very excited about was the bristols on the head are not regular, but are instead coated in charcoal. The charcoal bristols are supposed to help with teeth whitening (i.e. the same idea as a charcoal toothpaste or charcoal whitening strips) and I’ve found that it really has made a difference. I drink a lot of black tea and coffee so my teeth definitely take a bit of damage. After using this toothbrush for about a month I can see a difference in the color of my teeth and the staining from my caffeinated drinks seems to be less and less. 

The second reason I really like using this toothbrush is that you can subscribe to their mailing service where once every three(ish) months they send you a new head for the toothbrush. This takes the hassle out of having to order a new head once yours is kaput and because they send you a new one on a schedule, it’s a great reminder to actually change your head out and start fresh. 

The brush has a bunch of the standard electric toothbrush things like multiple settings (gentle, whitening, etc.) and a timer for how long you should brush. This specific brush goes for two minutes with a slight break at every 30 seconds. It comes with a charging port and is super easy to use. If your looking for a new toothbrush and don’t want to shell out for a $200 OralB brush, I really do recommend this one. It’s currently priced at $69.99, and to be a part of the brush-head subscription service, it’s $6. Plus, we have to support those small business!


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