The summer season is all about the glow. Everyone want to look like beautiful bronzed goddesses who glow from within and there are a multitude of products for just that purpose. My question to the world of beauty is: why do we move away from the glow as the temperature shifts and we find ourselves in the crisp months of autumn? I understand that the beachy, gold vibe definitely has a summer energy but shouldn’t a glow — maybe not the full glazed donut look — but a healthy sheen be a year-round aspiration? I find that in the cooler months, everyone is matte this and matte that, which I suppose is fine and don’t get me wrong, I love a good matte ~whatever~, but honestly I’m bored of that and I want to look like a moisturized and thriving being all the time. Sue me.

For  a long time, I thought the best way to achieve that extraterrestrial beam-like glow was with makeup. But as I’ve gotten older and have more of an understanding of skincare (nothing to a little bit above nothing is progress), I know now that the more effective way to get That Glow™ is by utilizing skincare. There are like a billion and one ways to go about getting glowing skin, the most prolific being toners, but because I value your time (and I’m a lazy biotch) I won’t sit here and try to detail all of them for you. I do however want to share a couple of my favorite skincare products that aren’t toner but help me blind the public from the inside out. Why not toners? As much as I love a good toner — looking at you Glow Tonic — I’m really on the train of simplifying my skincare regime down to just a few steps. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a lengthy routine, and sometimes when I’m feeling particularly fancy, I’ll do the whole shabang but as I am currently in the process of tightening my spending (trying to at least) I find that a less routine works just as well as it conserves product. I’m being fiscally responsible mom! By using these couple of products, which fall into the categories that I’ve allowed for myself on my more restricted regime, I can still achieve the same dewy look.

The first two products I want to share with you beauties are both face masks, which I think is probably the second most popular way to get glowing skin but since we’re ignoring toners, let call it the most popular way in skincare. I love using face masks, I try to use one every other week for a detox and as a way to make sure that even on a tight regime, I’m still pampering myself. Self care is self love guys! My two go to masks at the moment are the Kiehl’s Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing and Radiance Masque and the Formula 10.0.6 Get Your Glow On Peel Mask. Both of them are supposed to leave you with a glowing appearance after use, but what really matters is how. The reason that toners are great for creating a glow is because they are a type of exfoliant. All three of the products I’ve chosen work in replacement of toners because they exfoliate as well. The Keihl’s mask creates a glow by semi-roughly exfoliating your face with a combination of the chemicals in the paste and the small seeds mixed in. The Formula 10.0.6 mask uses a slightly different approach of exfoliation by creating a basic chemical mask that adheres to the skin and when it is peeled off, it takes dead skin cells with it (yummy, huh). The entire point of exfoliation is to remove dull, dead skin cells from the surface of the body which then shows the newer skin cells underneath. These cells haven’t yet been exposed to an abusive environment, thus ensuring that they look healthier and basically, more full of life.

My third and final product also falls into the category of an exfoliant but it’s like a baby one. This is the product that I would recommend to people with more sensitive skin who might get a physical irritation with the harshness of the rough paste or chemical exfoliation. Pixi’s Glow Mud Cleanser is a gentle mud-textured cleanser that cleans the face as well as exfoliates it. The cleanser contains the same amount of glycolic acid (5%) as Pixi’s Glow Tonic which is one of the most popular toners in the beauty industry. Even with the same amount of acid, the cleanser is a much more gentle exfoliant because the acid is coupled with aloe vera, which soothes new skin after the dead cells have been removed. Unlike the masks, I am able to use this product about three times a week as long as it is supplanted with other products that are sensitive to new skin.

All three of these products fall in different categories of the pricing spectrum. On the more luxury side, the Keihl’s mask fall at $39.00. I have a smaller, travel size that I received as a gift and it has lasted me quite a while so you really get your money’s worth. Next comes the Pixi cleanser which is listed at $18.00. Pixi is one of those brands that is kind of an in-bewtweener. They’re not a luxury brand, but they’re also not a drugstore brand. To be honest, they produce extremely high quality products for a ridiculously low price and it’s a godsend. Never leave us, Pixi. Finally, Formula 10.0.6 definitely qualifies at a drugstore brand as it falls at a price of $6.99. Price doesn’t always correlate to quality though, so I definitely wouldn’t overlook look the cheaper options.

A glow getter for every budget, which I personally believe is the way that the beauty industry should always be. Let me know if you’d tried any of these products. If so, thoughts? If not, what are some of the products you love to use to enhance your glow?


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