The last update I posted was in June so I’ve basically got the whole of summer and the last week of chaos to let you in on. I did a lot of fun things this past summer but the majority of my time was spent working. I worked a part-time retail job which was all well and good, I very much enjoyed the steady source of income. I was also a part time intern in communications and marketing which was a lot of fun which was a lot of fun and I got to do a myriad of interesting things. The only ~slight~ problem was I was at my retail job four days a week and my internship three days a week and I was thoroughly exhausted all days of the week. Looking back, while it was a lot I would definitely do it again — maybe with just one or two days off a month though.

When I wasn’t working myself to an early grave (jokes…) I tried to incorporate little fun activities. Every Friday, I had a movie night with my mom where we would meet up after work, have dinner at a new restaurant (unless we had pizza, Ella’s in D.C. is always the best bet for pizza) and then head to the showing. We saw a myriad of movies and my two favorites were Incredibles 2 and The Spy Who Dumped Me. When there wasn’t anything playing at the theater that we wanted to see, we went home and rented a new movie off of Amazon or Fios. I particularly liked these nights because it was a chance to be home with my family and relax whilst enjoying a movie and stuffing my face with free popcorn. It’s the little things.

I did write about my trip to Greece in the beginning of summer (which you can read about here, here and here) but I chose to forgo media on my second trip a few weeks ago. I visited Austin, Texas to meet up with my best friend before she went overseas for a couple months — trying to make this 12-hour time difference work is definitely an interesting challenge — and it was wonderful. I took the week off of media pretty much completely, a detox was needed, and just spent time with her lovely soul whilst running around the one of a kind city that is Austin. We ate fabulous food, thrifted, and swam in fresh-water springs. Of course, to wrap the tip of nicely in my own way, I managed to sprain my ankle on the plane so for the last two weeks, my hobble has been a constant remainder of the trip.

While we are already a fair bit through September and I usually don’t do monthly goals, I thought I would draft some up this month. There’s a lot of changes happening this month, mostly with back to university and moving, etc. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to to reevaluate my priorities and set a course for the next couple of weeks. Without further ado…

1. Minimize Spending
Anyone who knows me knows that I love to shop. I find it therapeutic and I really enjoy buying new products that I can incorporate into my “collection”. A small snag in this mentality is the fact that I am a college student and I have no money. So, to adhere to that little snap, I’m really going to work to minimize my spending. If anyone’s good a budgeting, let me know! I’m in desperate need of some serious help!

2. Instagram
Something that has been on my goal list forever has been to get better at Instagram. To put it very honestly, I’m shit at it. I’m just not motivated to work at Instagram a lot of the time, but I know that it’s a very important facet to the blogging industry so I and determined to put the time and effort into it. Instagram (even with the frigging algorithm) is one of the best ways to draw traffic to your blog and as someone who would like to grow their blog, I know that one if the best ways to do so is through the use of the ‘gram. So I’m doing all the things, taking photos — side note, I’m terrible at taking day to day photos, I always forget — scheduling them and prewriting captions so that I have NO EXCUSE to not upload. Ha, checkmate… on myself.

3. Write
My last goal is to write more this month. I spent a lot of time not writing last month and because I let myself get ways with that, I got into this terrible habit of not wanting to write. I firmly believe that if you are a writer, you need to be writing a little bit everyday because it keeps the creative juices (gag) flowing. Once you stop, the creativity stops flowing and before you know it, not writing becomes the norm. I also find that my writing is much better when I’m working at it consistently, practice makes perfect and such right?

I feel like here hasn’t been a lot going in but at the same time, I feel like my days have been jam-packed. I suppose that just how things go at this time of year! I’m very much excited for this month, I’m happy to be back at school and am ready (eh) to start my new classes. What are you looking forward to this month?


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