Before we begin, it’s story time. Many girls get their ears pierced as babies. I suppose I understand the logic behind that, I mean if there’s going to be any screaming and crying surrounding the event, it may as well be done when it’s socially acceptable as infants. I was to be no different from the masses, and my mom took me as a wee pip to have a hole forcefully punched through my ear. Now, let me just say that I was a great baby. Didn’t cry for no reason, didn’t really scream, I was just happy to sit in my bouncy chair and play with my Cheerios whist minding my own business. The ear piercing escapade was an exception. Long story short, I bit the woman. I may not have been a screamer but I could pack a bite. Call it survival instinct or whatever but I saw something sharp coming towards me and my baby mind said a big, fat hell no. After the incident, it’s safe to say I didn’t get my ears pierced. It actually took me until I was around eight or nine to get it done and it only happened because my father called me a chicken and LORD KNOWS, I have this ingrained need to prove people wrong. I marched my mother to Claire’s, sat down in the chair and triumphantly had a needle shoved though my ear. Ha. Take that Dad.

I did sports all through my childhood and teen years so I seldom wore any earrings other than studs. The studs I did wear tended not to get changed often, it wasn’t unusual for me to wear the same earrings for a year without changing them. If I had to take them out for any reason, I would often forget to put them back in and then run the risk of the holes closing so I would shove the same pair of studs back into my ear in a panic. I didn’t wear a lot of jewelry growing up, maybe a necklace (that also didn’t get changed often) and possibly a bracelet — let’s be real, the only bracelets I wore were hair ties. Now that I’m out of sports and living a (semi) grown up life, I find that I can wear jewelry and I actually really enjoy it. I still don’t change up my necklaces very often, but earrings have become one of the most interchangeable facets of my wardrobe.

The sports background made me very wary of bigger earrings, partially because I could never wear them growing up, but also because I just didn’t understand why people wore them. I found that they would get caught it my hair and pull and I am terrified of my earring getting caught and ripping my ear — gag. It wasn’t until recently that I decided to give bigger earrings another try and I’ve fallen in love. While my small gold studs are still on heavy rotation within my collection, I’ve also branched out to some bigger, more statement-esq earrings that really add an extra *pow* to an outfit. At the moment, I’ve been wearing all gold earrings because I’m really trying to achieve that modern-but-elegant-sucessful-woman-who-has-bank-but-tastefully-shows-it while actually being a broke college student who is neither modern nor elegant and is grappling at the dreams of being successful. Reality sucks.

Even though my reality may not quite match up that the life I’m painting inside my mind (and working my ass off for everyday), I can at least dress like it does. I’ve created a smorgasbord of earrings, some I already own, some I really want to buy! Let me know if any tickle your fancy!


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