About Me

Come on in and join the party! Welcome to Danielle Reine, you can call me Danielle. Danielle Reine, formerly dubbed The Queens Empire, was started in late 2014 so my early teen self could explore interests in fashion and beauty. Over the years, my interests have grown and developed and now I find myself producing content, some still in regards to beauty and fashion yes, but also dabbling in lifestyle, travel and personal matters. 

My blog has evolved in correspondence to my personal evolution, but the underlying reason behind it’s existence has not changed. I wanted a place that I could call mine to create whatever I wanted. I wanted to say what I wanted, whenever and however I wanted. I wanted complete and total creative freedom. This blog, this little corner or the internet, has provided me with that creative freedom, and allowed to explore who I am as a creator as well as a person.

While my main focuses are fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel and personal matters, there are no limitations behind this blog. If I want to write about something, a high priced bet could be well placed that I will write about it. I’ve never been an immensely vocal person, so this blog, acts as part of my public voice in society. You can expect to read anything from what lipstick I’m loving to how I’m dealing personal challenges and setbacks. 

Danielle Reine, is my life put into words and pictures, and since life is a rollercoaster, I hope you all will hop on this ride with me. 


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