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All blog posts are created with my own, unique opinion and are 100% honest to what I think about a product or topic. I do accept sponsored content, but it must meet the parameters of something I would have considered buying myself as well as something that fits into my already established content. If there is a sponsored or gifted product in a post, it will be marked clearly with an asterisk (*) and it will also be disclosed at the bottom of the post. All sponsored and gifted products will be reviewed with my honest opinion. If a product is not marked with an asterisk (*), then I purchased it with my own money.

All content is my own, unless clearly started otherwise. If the content that I am sharing is not mine, it will be clearly marked and the content creator will be given full credit.

All opinions are written by myself and I will not except collaborations in which I am not able to illustrate my honest opinion.

All photographs are taken by myself, unless clearly stated. Once again, if the content I am sharing is not of my own creation, the creator will be given full credit. If you plan to use my photographs, please leave a link to this blog, as well as credit for my creation of it.

I welcome the oppetunity to collaborate with brands, and will be happy to provide any necessary information on analytics, time tables, and compensation. Feel free to just shoot me an email at


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